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Today (as of July 2013) there are 10 monks in the monastery of the Abbey of Neresheim that belongs to the Beuron Congregation. The monastery houses a conference/retreat centre and guesthouse, and offers retreats and courses.


On 13 February 2004 Fr. Prior Albert Knebel OSB founded the “Neresheim Abbey Boys’ Choir” which offers free musical education (general and vocal training) to boys from the first year. The Boys’ Choir, which numbers around 40 singers, sings about once a month at the Sunday evening service in the Neresheim Abbey church, and also performs outside the monastery.


The “Verein zur Erhaltung der Abteikirche Neresheim e. V.” (Association for the Conservation of the Abbey church of Neresheim) is responsible for the conservation and support of the abbey and promotes the renovation of the Abbey buildings.


Since the end of October 2009 the monastery buildings have housed the newly created monastery museum, which charts the history of the Abbey. As part of a tour through the monastery museum you can visit both the Michaelisaal and the magnificent banqueting hall designed by Dominikus Zimmermann – the only banqueting hall designed by the architect of the Wieskirche pilgrimage church in Bavaria.


From 23 August 1977 to 21 February 2012 the Abbey was led by Abbot Norbert Stoffels. He was first elected to the post in 1977 and then in 2006 – after he had reached the age limit for Benedictine abbots (70 years old) – he was re-elected for a last term of office of 6 years. In the elective chapter under the chairmanship of Abbas Praeses Albert Schmidt from Beuron, Father Albert Knebel was elected on 7 March 2012 as Prior-Administrator for three years by the monastery of the Abbey.



Cupola fresco "The Last Supper" by Martin Knoller