Monastic hospitality and culinary delights

In the cosy rustic atmosphere of the monastery restaurant, you will be looked after from 10 am throughout the day by a friendly team who will treat you to some good home-cooked food based on old monastic recipes, as well as some typical Swabian dishes.

There are also “specials” days with particular themes or seasonal dishes, e.g. when asparagus or game is in season, coffee specialities, cakes or different kinds of ice-cream.  We use local products and fresh monastery barn eggs that we collect every day.

When the weather is good, you can enjoy sitting on our terrace, surrounded by the walls of the monastery.  
As you walk around the grounds, you will discover more special parts of the monastery.

For bus and travel groups

If you are travelling through the Ostalb as a group, the monastery restaurant is a fabulous place to stop ... for lunch, coffee and cake or dinner. We can even give you a small menu on the bus so that you can choose what you want to eat before you arrive. Just before you get here, let us know what you would like, and we can quickly start to prepare your meal

Download menu for groups

Download supper menu for groupsWhat we offer•    Monastery restaurant for 120 people, and additional rooms for up to 60 people•    Substantial buffet breakfast•    Lunch and dinner, delicious and substantial buffet•    Hot food served all day•    Coffee and cake, selection of ice cream•    Speedy service•    Free spacious parking space for buses•    Free meal for bus driver•    Seating on terrace in inner courtyard for 50 people•    Souvenirs: brown beer brewed from barley from a monastic recipe, honey, liqueurs made in the monastery


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